Unique Handmade Baby Hair Bows & Hair Clips

We carry beautiful hand made baby hair bows and hair clips for any occasions.  They are fun to add to your child's wardrobe and our baby hair clips stays in reducing frustration of the parents.  Bring extra joy and cheer with these baby hair bows and hair clips.  Our collections ranges from basic headbands to unique versions that features gorgeous flowers, patterns with embedded beads.  Discover the perfect baby hair bows and hair ties for your baby girl. 

Best Hair Ties, Hair Clips & Head Bands for Babies, Toddlers and Up!

Are you having a difficult time trying to dress your daughter up for a special occasion and aren't sure what to do to spice up their attire?  At QKiddo, we have the most comprehensive collection of best hair ties, hair clips and head bands suitable for any ages.  We carry some fo the most beautiful french rhinestones hair clips.  Most of our hair ties, and head bands are handmade and comfortable, to fit well with your children.  They will be fascinated with some of our fun twisted head bands that can become a bracelet by simply twisting onto their arms.  Browse through our collections now to find the best hair ties, hair clips and head bands for your daughter or yourself today.

Our Natural Hair Accessories Are Perfect for All Ages

Our designers believe it takes too much time and effort to redo your hair styles to try to give it a new look regularly.   Which they believe It's time to dress up your natural hair with our natural hair accessories.  By wearing different hair accessories to blend with other fashion accessories on your outfit can give it an entirely fresh and unique outlook for yourself.  We have designed and crafted some amazing handmade natural hair accessories that will freshen up your appearance for all occasions.   Whether you're out on a date, a dining event, or at weddings.  Our natural hair accessories will sure be part of your dressing repertoire.

Our Fashion Collections

We carry handmade hair accessories for babies, toddlers and up.  Choose from hair bowshair tiesheadbands or hair clips in any of our Basic, Adventure or Love collection.  Not only that, we are now offering Boys Fashion Accessories in our boys collection that have some REALLY amazing bow tie designs.

Adventure Collection

When you purchase any of our adventure collection items, we will donate 50% of the profits to Water.org to help change lives with safe water.

Our Hair Accessories are 100% Hand Made

Our Hair Products Are Made From The Highest Quality Materials

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