2018 Hair Accessory Trends (Spring&Summer)

2018 Hair Accessory Trends (Spring&Summer)

Spring is the theme of renewal and rebirth, while summer is always about shining in the longest days and warmest months.

Not a big surprise, one of the fashion symbols of the 2018 season is flowers, no matter real or fake. Another hairstyle trend is low ponytails, which can be wrapped in several different ways. If hair accessories are your thing, you should definitely read through the following numerous options! You will definitely get some great ideas for your beauty decoration for 2018 spring and summer seasons.

#1. Pearl Pieces

Pearl encrusted hair accessories can always easily catch the light, just right from each angle and add a touch of grace to every head of hair. No matter the headpiece has multiple sized pearls or just one, it can definitely offer you a pretty eye-catching feature. Isn't it beautiful to just hold up a messy bun with a pearl encrusted pin in a very simple design? 

Pearl Pieces/Pearl encrusted hair accessories

#2. Rhinestones

Rhinestones adorned hair accessories are always a great choice to get an extra bit of bling and sparkle without stealing the spotlight of your beautiful hair, no matter long or short, straight or curl. It will definitely help you shine in the crowd regardless of where the rhinestones are affixed to, either the center or side part of the headpiece.

Rhinestones adorned hair accessories/Rhinestone-Affixed Parts

#3. Gold Barrettes

Gold barrettes always represent the most ornate and lavish design among all hair accessories. Synonymous with true luxury, the deluxe feels and style of the gold barrettes are definitely what most women are eager to pursue in the upcoming season. Never lag behind this trend to be an authentic fashion queen!  

Gold Barrettes

#4. Low Ponytail Holder Hair Wraps

Hair wraps allow for multi purposing. Taking this style and picking out a wrap with great colors and a desired material not only gives you a fantastic and great look, but also means no need for extra attention to your hair. Why not get several hair wraps in some vibrant colors to play with, dress up in a new trendy low ponytail, wrapped from the base to about mid down with a silk scarf, or lace and ribbon wrap, or try a leather or perspex wrap? 

Low Ponytail Holder Hair Wraps (silk scarf,lace,ribbon,leather,perspex)

#5. Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are back! One of the Eighties’ most polarizing accessories, scrunchie, has recently begun attracting wider appreciation, and fashion followers have already extended a warm “welcome back” to it. Elevated from a convenience to a trend, why not try to tie one loosely on your low ponytail for a casual look on air-dried hair? A new set of scrunchies in your wardrobe definitely could be fun! 


#6. Flowers and Flower Crowns

Flowers are always women’s forever love, and one of the eternity symbol in the fashion world. No matter your hair decorated with only one soft cloth flower or piled with multiple fresh flowers, no matter the flower accessories are placed with pattern or without pattern, the effect is always feminine, stunning, romantic, and perfect in a very real way. Moreover, ultra large flower crowns have become one of the most opulent hair accessory trends for spring and summer 2018. 

Flowers and Flower Crowns hair accessories

#7. Black Hair Ties

Several famous designers have showcased what they used and how they had ponytails held securely in place early this year during some fashion shows. Guess what they used? Yes! It is the very common forever classic black hair tie, which almost every girl uses on a daily basis. Black hair tie is a quick and easy addition to a morning routine, but fortunately makes its own way to be a part of 2018 hair accessory trend.

Black Hair Ties

#8. Bobby Pins

Being grouped interestingly and placed artistically in the hair, Bobby pins have gradually been building in popularity and eventually officially belong to the spring/summer 2018 hair accessory trend. For example, you can easily line up multiple stylized bobby pins to hold hair behind the ears to give a overall stunning look. Don't you think it’s very cool to interlace multiple bobby pins in the hair and show off your styled creativity? 

Stylized Bobby Pins

#9. Bows

Last but not least, bows are surly an irreplaceable hair accessory all the time. Given the variety of bows, the designs can be huge or tiny, single one or multiple bows together, either simplicity or extravagance. Without any doubt, women of all ages love the feminine symbol of the bow from their heart. We should definitely embrace and take full advantage of the boundless possibilities of bows to decorate our daily appearance in the new 2018 seasons!

Bows hair accessories

#10. Others

Besides the above 9 types of trendy hair accessories for 2018 spring/summer, there are other types of cool hair accessories, like sporty headbands, which add a brighter pop of color to the natural, air-dried hair. Another example is the fun and regal rhinestone and cupcake-embellished headband below. 

Sporty headbands/rhinestone and cupcake-embellished headband/hair accessories

All in all, to all my fashion ladies, it is absolutely the time to try all possibilities for your own 2018 spring/summer trend! Don't wait and hesitate more.

Please leave comments if you have any suggestions for our readers.

Thank you for reading!

Note: Photos via Livingly


  • Kendall B.

    I use bobby pins everyday…

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    Will try flower crowns this year at Tomorrowland in Belgium!

  • Nancy T

    will follow the trend mentioned!!! dont want to fall behind the trend..

  • Angie

    I like the low pony tail holder hair wrap most. Will try the amazingly new perspex wrap especially!!!

  • Dawn Oldfield

    Nice tips!!! Will try those ideas in this spring!!!

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