9 Ways to Wear Hair Accessories to Show Your Unique Personality

9 Ways to Wear Hair Accessories to Show Your Unique Personality

More and more women have started to use hair accessories to present their own style nowadays. There are so many places, online and offline, selling tons of headbands, hair clips, ponytail holders, however, many women have kept complaining that they are not able to even find one hair accessory to present their own personality. They feel frustrated every morning when they dress their own hair in front of a mirror. They have tried so many different styles of hair accessories, no matter bling rhinestone hair band or gorgeous velvet hair bow clip, but nothing can really help them feel they are different and unique from others.

To help women regain confidence that they can definitely show their own style and personality using hair accessories, QKiddo interviewed lots of friends in the fashion industry, collected ideas and summarized the following 9 ways to wear hair accessories to shine your own distinct beauty, which no one else can replace you with! Hope the following tips can be useful to you!

 #1 Halo Headband

No matter what the halo is made of, metal or real flowers, it is designed to be put into your hair from the back of your head, resting towards your neck. Some may argue it is not a proper way to wear a headband but trust me that it is super trendy now.   

Halo headband

#2 Reverse Flower Crown

From the literal meaning, it is not difficult to know this hair accessory is definitely the favorite for flower crown ladies who want to try above halo style. Reverse flower crown is currently the latest and greatest way to rock a musical festival party, especially for the upcoming 2018 summer!

Reverse Flower Crown

#3 Hair Drape

Besides reverse flower crown, another extremely popular halo headband is hair drape with shining bling crystal rhinestones. Women love this style because these hair accessories are usually embedded with much more embellishment and detail.  

Hair Drape

#4 Bun Holders

Bun holder is a simple hair accessory, but you should never overlook the beauty effects it can bring to you. You can use it to perfectly hold the whole bun in place as shows in the picture below, or you can also use it as a pretty accessory perfect for half-up, half-down styles.

Hair Bun holder

#5 Braid Charms

Never say it wastes time to clip these ones to your braid if you want to shine your own special style! Braid is such a common hairstyle, but braid charms can be so different and unique due to the design, size, shape, and even how many and where you put on your braids!

Braid Charms

#6 Head Chain

Head chain isn’t a bad choice at all because it can definitely give your look and hairdo that added pop. But people usually complain that head chains tangle to their hair. My best girlfriend once suggested using a smoothing serum and a few bobby pins in a downward position to hold it in place.

Head chain

#7 Hair Pin

Hair pin is a great hair accessory to stay put in your hair no matter your hair is long or short, straight or curl, thanks to the design with one flat side and another zig-zagged. If you can choose from a variety of hair pins shaped into different fancy designs, who are going to use a boring bobby pin??!! 

Hair Pin

#8 Hair Chain

Hair chain is designed to have one or multiple clips at each end of a few strands of glistening chain. There are so many different ways to wear a hair chain, since you can put those clips anywhere in your hair, like over a ponytail, under or around an up-do, or just the most common one – behind or above your ears. Different ways give you the chances to show different looks. Isn’t it amazing?

Hair Chain

 #9 Ponytail Cuff

Cuffs usually look fantastic on low, loose ponytails. If needed, you may want to use an elastic to secure your hair and hold the cuff in place. Keep your cuff in proportion to your hair length, choose narrow cuffs on shorter hair and wide cuffs for long hair. The cuff can not only give your pony extra reinforcement, but can also add some extra style and personality to your regular hair tie! In case you do not know how to use a ponytail cuff, below is a short video for your to watch and learn.

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    love hair drape

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    I do not dress my hair often. I guess it’s time to buy something to wear on my head. If it can show my personality…

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